Software consulting and development services

Wehands is a software engineering and consulting company with over 10 years of experience in developing highly complex solutions for companies around the world. We specialize in full-cycle development services for web, mobile and desktop.

We deliver expert software consulting ranging from concept development, requirements analysis and technology selection to establishing QA strategy and managing security risks. The value of engaging Wehands Inc for custom software consulting is that we take as much of the risk out of big software projects for our customers as possible. We finish our projects on time, on budget, and we make sure your users receive training and support.

Our technical consultants are world-class engineers with internationally recognized results, experimenting with the latest technologies and helping customers overcome technical challenges.

Our expertise in business solutions covers:

– Customer care architectures
– Omnichannel platforms
– Microservices & Cloud
– B2B services
– End-to-end IoT solutions
– Chatbots & Biometrics
– Artificial Intelligence
– Mobile applications
– Machine Learning

– Fast product development and Time to market
– Customer Oriented Services and Processes
– Rapid underwriting of low risks, indepth underwriting of high risks
– Scalability and Performance
– Increased customer loyalty with close and customized relations
– Effective cost management by process oriented applications


Wehands Inc OU
Address: Pae tn 25-47, Tallinn 11414, Estonia


e-mail: [email protected]